Are You Strengthening All Areas of Your Hips?

Think about your day-to-day life. You walk, sit, stand, move to the side, turn around, back up, twist, turn, and SO much more. Do you just walk in a straight line the entire day? No. Do you never move side-to-side? No. You move in ALL directions EVERY day. This isn’t just when you’re playing sports, […]

How to Maximize Your Quad Extensions

Quad extensions. They’re a common leg day exercise seen in almost every training program. “Quad Extensions 3×10.” It’s easy to incorporate them into a training plan because almost everyone knows what they are and how to do them. They’re awesome to feel that burn during leg day; however, there’s one golden key that cranks it […]

Your Leg Raises Will Not Get You Abs

You walk into the gym and see a bunch of people laying down doing leg raises. You ask them why and they say “I want abs!” Yes, I too thought the leg raises, scissor kicks, and all the other dreaded ab exercises would also get me abs because that’s just what people do. Want abs? […]

Have “Tight” Hip Flexors? Read This

One thing I used to say and hear all the time is, “I need to stretch my hip flexors. They’re really tight!” I would feel tension and tightness all throughout the front (anterior portion) of my hips. I would squat and my torso fell as soon as I felt tension in my hip flexors. I […]

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