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Building Strong Women

Our mission is to challenge women to step out of their comfort zone, work smart in their nutrition & fitness, inspire growth, and build a community of women that want to see each other win.

Meet EmpowHER

What is EmpowHER FITNESS

The EmpowHER Fitness team, built by women for women, is on a mission to build strong women through our events, coaching, and courses all around the world. We are a team of fitness and health professionals that educate and equip our clients through our 1-on-1 coaching in nutrition, courses teaching women how to train, and events that challenge women of all ages and skill levels to show themselves they are stronger than they think.


EmpowHER FItness Events

All Ages. All Levels

Are you ready to challenge yourself and compete for a cause? Join our in-person and online EmpowHER Fitness Events where you are surrounded by an environment of strong women that want to see you win.

Upcoming Competitions


Join us in-person at three different locations on April 27th, 2024 for a squat, bench, and deadlift competition.


Join us for our EmpowHER Fitness Coaching summer retreat June 21-23rd. There will be speakers, sauna, cold plunge, and a whole lot of growth. *Limited to 20 women

FALL Team Push-Pull

Join us in-person at three different locations on Octber 26th, 2024 for our team push-pull! Grab a friend, bench and deadlift for the push-pull.


EmpowHER FITNESS Coaching

Upgrade Your Nutrition & Fitness with our 1on1 Coaches

We’ve helped hundreds of women all across the US feel confident in how their body looks, build muscle, lose fat, and increase strength. Are you finally ready to get the confidence and results you deserve?

EmpowHER FITNESS Results


EmpowHER FINTESS Courses

Train Smart. Train Hard.

If you’re ready to learn how to improve your lifts or technique, courses are a great way to get better on your own time. From courses how to deadlift to low back MoveSmart course the goal here is for you to improve without injury and move smart.

Featured Courses

TrainSmart+ Full Access

  • Get access to our FULL library of courses that will be continually added to your full TrainSmart Series. This goes from deadlift courses to low back courses with lifetime access.


Learn how to deadlift like a boss and without any low back pain. Here Kelsey teaches exactly how to deadlift, utilize your glutes, and maximize your technique.

Low Back

Learn how to utilize core, glutes and smart movement to feel better. Through these principles Kelsey has moved people out of aches and into movement that feels better than ever.

Meet our Team

Kelsey: @kelseylensman

Kelsey Lensman is a Certified Athletic Trainer, personal trainer, sports medicine professional, & all-around badass. She wants to show you that you CAN succeed when empowered with the right approach & given the support you need.You ever start a workout plan with the absolute best intentions, only to fall off the wagon a week in? You miss feeling confident, healthy, & athletic? Kels wants to help you start operating from a place of confidence rather than a place of fear- because you can deserve to feel like a badass.

Navi Kaur: @navi_rd

Registered Dietitian, personal trainer, & super strong powerlifter Navi Kaur wants to help you get out of this cycle and finally find the balance and ease you’ve been looking for when it comes to nutrition. Do you tend to have this “all or nothing” approach when it comes to the Oreos? You’ve been “so good” all week long, so you go crazy on the weekend only to start over on Monday? She knows that sharing her knowledge and personal experience with dieting has so much potential to help you beat the cycle you’ve been caught in.

Leah Baker: @liftswithleah

Leah Baker is a personal trainer, NCI Nutrition Level-1 Coach, & studied psychology with specializations in health psychology & health communication after struggling with an eating disorder. She knows your mindset is the very place from which your thoughts, beliefs, & behaviors come from. Have you ever skipped the dinner out because that dress is already too tight? Or cut down cals thinking it’ll lead to the confidence you’ve been chasing? She wants to help educate you on how (& why) you function the way you do to help you fuel yourself & finally feel better in your body.

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