Favorite Ab Exercise

Ab roller is one of my fav core exercises because it targets your entire core and challenges you to be very intentional with how you’re training.

You could do “doing” the exercise but get zero benefit (& have your low back on fire) if you’re not focused on how you’re doing it.

Here’s a few tips 👇🏼

1️⃣: Start in an “arched position” where your ribs are to your hips and start with an engaged core

2️⃣: Only go out as far as you can without letting your low back drop to the floor. If that’s 2 inches.. amazing. If that’s all the way out.. great. The better you get, the further you’ll be able to go

3️⃣: Keep your wrists strong. No bend in your wrist and I like to think about “breaking the bar” with the ab roller. It helps me keep an engaged upper back.

4️⃣: Brace STRONG as you roll out and the focus on curling your torso as you come back in.

There’s a ton of other tips, but these are your main ones 💪🏼 For the love of all things strength, please do not let your low back dip and put pressure on it.

As always, train hard & train smart.. at the same time (IYKYK) 😉

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