M48 – A Week of Training for the Ultimate Hybrid Fitness Challenge: Mission48 Workouts

The #1 question I get when asked about Mission48 is, “How are you training for Mission48?”

I need to be ready to lift insanely heavy one day to then run in a running event the next. ALL my boundaries need to be challenged and have been challenged through this training. It has pushed me to my limits like no other.

Check out my new Youtube video where I filmed a week of training for Mission48. 

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Mission48 will begin on September 1st, 2023 where Kelsey Lensman will complete 48 fitness competitions in 48 states in 48 days to inspire girls and women to step out of their comfort zone and show themselves they are stronger than they think by building true self-confidence. During it, she will bring awareness to ROX, Ruling Our Experiences, a 501c(3) that has 20-week programs in schools for young girls teaching them about self-confidence, body image, and leadership skills. It’s an amazing charity!

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We are COMPLETE! Mission48 – our hybrid fitness journey across the United States. I’m competing in events of all fitness realms.

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