M48 DAY 22 Recap: Edmond, OKLAHOMA – SBD Max-Outs

Today was just FUN.

We had some BEASTS show up in Oklahoma. There was a girl that was 17 and has never maxed out before to the second highest total powerlifter in Oklahoma with a 700+lb squat.

There was dancing, heavy weights being thrown around & people crushing PRs.

I looked over at this one guy’s daughter that was 8 and she was smiling at me while doing goblet squats with a kettlebell.

We ended up leaving 4hrs later with a full heart and a LONG ride ahead to Austin, Texas.

I’ll remember this day for a LONG time.

Squat, Bench, & Deadlift Max-Outs in a Powerlifting Meet Format

-Squat: 250lb
-Bench: 145lb
-Deadlift: 335lb

WAYYYYY off my maxes – but hey.. can’t complain for 22 days in and a good time doing it!

22 down, 26 more to go.

Next up: TEXAS for some RUNNING!

I created Mission48 where I compete in 48 fitness events in 48 states in 48 days to inspire women and young girls to step out of their comfort zone & build self-confidence. I partnered with Ruling Our eXperiencesa nonprofit that does 20-week programs in schools for young girls to help them build self-confidence, communicate better & build leaders. Our BIG goal is to fund 10,000 girls for their programs.

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