M48 DAY 28 Recap: Tupelo, MISSISSIPPI – 10k Run

Today was one of the toughest days of Mission48 yet. I woke up in Tupelo, Mississippi in the RV and walked into the hotel. had breakfast while doing some check-ins for my clients, and was gearing up for a 10k run. Running is one of my least favorite activities, but this was one of the last 10k runs so I got excited about that.

We went to the gym that was hosting the run…. to find no one there. We walked in the gym and it was dead silent.

No person.

No sign of anyone coming.

No nothing. We waited for 20-30 minutes thinking that someone might have got the time wrong. 20 minutes later there was still no soul in sight.

Jared, Jensen, and I decided to do the 10k run ourselves since we needed to stay on a schedule to get to the next state.

We ran in a neighborhood close to the gym and as we started running I felt my mind and body give out. My legs felt heavy. My body felt tired. My mind felt exhausted and frustrated. That “little voice” that can put words of doubt or frustration in your head seemed like it was louder than ever. I put so much into the preparation of Mission48 and this was yet another bump in the road. It made me question, “Why in the heck am I doing this?”

By the time the run was complete I was trying to keep one foot in front of the other. Jared said he’s never seen me in that head space before. As we hit 6.2 miles I laid on the side of the road. Frustration and exhaustion hit my body as I tried to convince myself to keep freaking going.

We walked back to the RV to find the gym owner that said he completely forgot about the event and apologized. I understood.

We are officially at 85 girls funded for Ruling Our eXperiences that has 20-week programs in schools for young girls to build their confidence, teach them self defense, and learn how to be a true leader in today’s world. They change the trajectory of their entire lives when they build strong, confident young girls. I’m pushing my body and mind to the limit because I believe in it so strongly. Please continue to share this with family and friends so we can build up the next generation of strong women!

Go do hard things today!

10k Run

28 down, 20 more to go.

Next up: Tuscaloosa, Arkansas for some OLYMPIC LIFTING!

I created Mission48 where I compete in 48 fitness events in 48 states in 48 days to inspire women and young girls to step out of their comfort zone & build self-confidence. I partnered with Ruling Our eXperiencesa nonprofit that does 20-week programs in schools for young girls to help them build self-confidence, communicate better & build leaders. Our BIG goal is to fund 10,000 girls for their programs.

It’s $100 to fund one girl for a 20-week ROX program. If this speaks to you please donate below! ✨

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