M48 DAY 3 Recap: Chicago, Illinois, SBD Maxes

1 in 3 girls with a grade point average of 4.0 or higher do not believe they’re smart enough for their dream career. One in three girls say that they are afraid to be a lesser because others will think she is bossy. 1/2 girls report they are afraid to speak their mind or disagree because they want to be liked. (@rulingourexperiences research)

Today was Day THREE of Mission48 – our hybrid fitness journey across the United States. I’m competing in events of all fitness realms- running, lifting, CrossFitting, mountain biking, and more in support of Ruling Our eXperiences48 comps in 48 states in 48 days.

STOP 3 WORKOUT: Powerlifting Meet – Squat, Bench, & Deadlift Maxes
My Results: Squat – 265lb, Bench – 150lb, Deadlift – 335lb

About 40lbs+ off my PRs, but hamstrings were feeeeling it this day!

There is no other feeling like being strong for a girl and women. Whether your strength is 20lbs or 200lbs+, the weight doesn’t matter, it’s what you get from that strength that does. You realize you’re capable of so much more than what you could imagine.

The issue isn’t knowledge or capability. The issue is feeling confident enough to unleash what’s already inside of them.

So far, through 3 states we have funded 31 girls for @rulingourexperiences programs.

If this speaks to your hearts and you’re able to, please click the links below to donate to ROX through Mission48. LETS DO THIS!

3 down, 45 more to go.

Next up: Madison, Wisconsin for a CrossFit Comp at CrossFit Sanctify!

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We are COMPLETE! Mission48 – our hybrid fitness journey across the United States. I’m competing in events of all fitness realms.

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