M48 DAY 31 Recap: Savannah, GEORGIA – Zachary Teller HERO WOD

We pulled up to the gym and I saw a random woman sitting on a chair in front of the lake. I was curious because no one else was around, but we pulled the RV to the back of the gym and I didn’t think much of it. As I walked to the front I heard, “KELSEY!”

I saw the woman in the chair turn around after she yelled my name. It was JILL! My client and friend from Ohio that flew all the way down to Georgia to do the Mission48 workout with me.

I was gave her a massive hug.

It was exactly what I needed after a few hard days. We all got ready for the grueling Zachary Teller Hero WOD workout. It that pushed us mentally and physically to the edge.

Push-ups felt like I had 1000lbs on my back. Sit-ups with the weight vest felt like a lump of bricks that I was holding. My body was feeling the fatigue of the last 30+ days, but I pushed through.

As we finished we went to visit the Savannah Bananas Stadium and took Captain to see the beach for the first time. I’m reminded that no matter what it’s the people that are in your life that matter the most.

We are officially at 90 girls funded for Ruling Our eXperiences that has 20-week programs in schools for young girls to build their confidence, teach them self defense, and learn how to be a true leader in today’s world. They change the trajectory of their entire lives when they build strong, confident young girls. I’m pushing my body and mind to the limit because I believe in it so strongly. Please continue to share this with family and friends so we can build up the next generation of strong women!

Go do hard things today!

Zachary Teller HERO WOD

31 down, 17 more to go.

Next up: Rock Hill, South Carolina for some a DEADLIFT MAX OUT!

I created Mission48 where I compete in 48 fitness events in 48 states in 48 days to inspire women and young girls to step out of their comfort zone & build self-confidence. I partnered with Ruling Our eXperiencesa nonprofit that does 20-week programs in schools for young girls to help them build self-confidence, communicate better & build leaders. Our BIG goal is to fund 10,000 girls for their programs.

It’s $100 to fund one girl for a 20-week ROX program. If this speaks to you please donate below! ✨

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