M48 DAY 33 Recap: Raleigh, NORTH CAROLINA – Crossfit WOD

Do hard things and you WILL be proud of yourself.

That was the motto in North Carolina. The workout was brutal. The weather was hot. The weight was heavy.

3 Rounds: 1 mile run, 20 DB Box Step-Overs, 20 Front Rack DB Lunge, 200m Farmer’s Carry.. weight a weight vest

We got it done. My client and friend, Ashley and Lindsey road tripped from far to come get after it with me. It meant more to me than they even know.

Crossfit RDU was one of the best environments I’ve been in throughout Mission48. It was 12pm and the gym was POPPING.

Massive thank you to Erin and the Crossfit RDU family, along with my clients that travel a long, long way to come do hard things with me.

We are officially at 95 girls funded for Ruling Our eXperiences that has 20-week programs in schools for young girls to build their confidence, teach them self defense, and learn how to be a true leader in today’s world. They change the trajectory of their entire lives when they build strong, confident young girls. I’m pushing my body and mind to the limit because I believe in it so strongly. Please continue to share this with family and friends so we can build up the next generation of strong women!

Go do hard things today!

Crossfit WOD

33 down, 15 more to go.

Next up: Virginia Beach, Virginia for GREEN BERET FITNESS EVENT!

I created Mission48 where I compete in 48 fitness events in 48 states in 48 days to inspire women and young girls to step out of their comfort zone & build self-confidence. I partnered with Ruling Our eXperiencesa nonprofit that does 20-week programs in schools for young girls to help them build self-confidence, communicate better & build leaders. Our BIG goal is to fund 10,000 girls for their programs.

It’s $100 to fund one girl for a 20-week ROX program. If this speaks to you please donate below! ✨

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