M48 DAY 4 Recap: Madison, Wisconsin, CrossFit Comp

Today in Wisconsin was a turning point moment for me. In this entire creation of Mission48, my journey across the United States competing in competitions of all hybrid fitness realms, I made it a point to not make it about me – it’s about the girls we sponsor for @rulingourexperiences , the people that push their hard with us as we travel, and the stories along the way.

And that’s all still true.

But, I would push that almost to a fault, where I would end up down-playing what I’m doing in the creation of Mission48 as a result.

And what was that doing? Causing me to play small, stay small, & be small because I was afraid of what other people think.

That stops now.

There’s a point whether it be in your fitness journey, new business, or crazy creation of Mission48 when you need to step into and fully own what you’re doing.

Own the big goals you have.
Own the true badassness inside of you.
Own the cool shiz that you’re doing in life & the reason you’re doing them.

Yes, you can still be a great human, care about a ton of humans, & own all the amazing shiz you’re doing.

So, here I am stop playing small & stop downplaying what I’m doing as a result of other people think.

We are making history here doing 48 competitions in 48 states in 48 days to inspire and encourage women all around the country in their strength & I’m so dang grateful to have every one of you doing it with me.

So here’s my challenge to you with me.. whatever you’re doing.. OWN IT. You and me together are owning it and creating history together.

Because remember, women who behave rarely make history 😉

STOP 4 WORKOUT: CrossFit Partner WOD,
160 air squats
140 sit ups
120 reverse lunges (total)
100 pull ups
80 push ups
60 wall balls
40 burpees
800 m run

4 down, 44 more to go.

Next up: Cold Plunge, Sauna, & Workout at Sauna Strong in Minnesota!

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