M48 DAY 6 Recap: Waukee, Iowa – BIRTHDAY COMBINE!

There is no better way to spend my birthday than to be doing push-ups outside the Mission48 RV with high school girls in honor of building strong, confident girls around the country.

Triceps are sore, legs are heavy… but we got a BIRTHDAY COMBINE TODAY✨

28 baby.

Every year on my birthday I do a birthday combine to see where I stack up. This year we happened to be in state 6, Iowa, at @redline_crossfit with an epic crew to join me for my birthday combine day.

& the results are in for the 28th birthday…


400m run: 1 minute, 13 seconds

Max Pull-ups: 16

Max Push-ups: 51

Max Sit-ups in 1 minute : 52 (changed standards)

Deadlift AMRAP at my bodyweight (160lb): 40

Bench AMRAP at 50% bodyweight (80lb): 32

Squat AMRAP at my bodyweight (160lb): 15

The best birthday present anyone could gift today is spreading the word to this mission and if able, donating to Ruling Our eXperiences through Mission48. $100 gifts one girl for a 20-week program of ROX. It could change one girl’s life.

Thank you to @redline_crossfit for hosting an EPIC Birthday combine & everyone being a part of it. It meant more to me than you even know. Shoutout to @freshwheatgrassgirl , @fortitudeandfreedom , & @freshfitmealsurbandale for coming out to the event. 🤍 Today was amazing.

Thanks to my crew, Jared, Steph, Jensen, dad, mom, & Denise for decorating the RV and starting the birthday right. Along with everyone that has said happy birthday, supported this crazy trip, and being a part of it in any way

Here’s to a YEAR & starting 28 with 42 states left to go in Mission48 ✨ thanks to everyone for the happy birthdays and who came out today!

Love y’all. Dream big & execute bigger!

6 down, 42 more to go.

Next up: SBD MAX OUT’S in Omaha, Nebraska!

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