Week-Long Hybrid Fitness Test – Baseline Training for Mission48

Before I started training for Mission48 I did pre-testing to see where I was starting. It was cool to see my starting numbers, butWOW did it expose where I was weak at (cough cough running).

Check out my Youtube video here that is the recap for my testing!

Day 1: 

  • AM: 1RM Clean & jerk, 1RM Snatch
    • Max C&J: 165lb
    • Max Snatch: 125lb
  • PM: 10 Min Max Calories on Echo Bike
    • Calories: 111 cals

Day 2: 

  • AM: 10k Run
    • Time: 1 hr 4 minutes and 35 seconds
  • PM: Mobility & Flexibility Tests (no videos)
    • No measure

Day 3:

  • Rest Day: AMEN

Day 4: 

  • AM: 1RM Deadlift, 1RM Front Squat, 2RM Overhead Squat, max distance single arm suitcase carry with 50% of 1RM Front squat (both sides), Karen (150 wall balls for time)
    • 1RM Deadlift: 355lb
    • 1RM Front Squat: 195lb
    • 2RM Overhead Squat: 145lb
    • Suitcase carry (both sides): 150 feet
    • Karen: 7:53
  • PM: 6k row
    • Time: 22 minutes 38 seconds

Day 5: 

  • AM: 1RM Split Jerk, 1RM Max Weighted Dip, 3 Sets Unbroken Max Kipping handstand Push-Up, 21-15-9 for time: Deadlift at 225lb and Box Jumps at 24’
    • 1RM Split Jerk: 170lb
    • 1RM Weighted Dip: 63lb
    • Max Kipping Handstand Push-Up: 6
    • 21-15-9: 10:08
  • PM: 3k run for time
    • Time: 19 minutes 19 seconds (SLOW)

Day 6: 

  • AM: 1RM Close Grip Bench, 6RM Seated Single Arm DB Press, 1RM Behind the Neck Press, 5 min AMRAP Max Strict Pull-Ups
    • 1RM Close Grip Bench: 165lb with butt up, 155lb with butt down
    • 6RM Seated Single Arm DB Press: 45lb each arm
    • 1RM Behind the Neck Press: 100lb
    • 5 min AMRAP Max Strict Pull-Ups: 29

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We are COMPLETE! Mission48 – our hybrid fitness journey across the United States. I’m competing in events of all fitness realms.

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