Mission48 Prep – 12-Weeks Out Recap

First, I want to say thank you. It feels like a month ago since I put Mission48 out in the world (even though it’s only been one week) and as I pressed that send button last Thursday my heart dropped for a bit because not only did it get real, but it was very vulnerable for me.

It’s something I built up for two years in my brain, but I wasn’t sure if it would be received with the same excitement I had. Would it be a total flop from the moment it went out in the world or would people be in support? I had no clue.

After I pressed the send button, God did his thing and showed me that as nervous as I was, being bold and putting myself out there with the dream that He placed in my heart paid off. The love and support I got from my family, friends, clients, and people that barely even know me made my entire day, week and year. 

It truly meant the world to me to see so many others in support of our mission together, pushing limits, doing hard things, and building true self-confidence in women and girls all around the country.

As I flew back from New Jersey on Saturday and prepped up for work on Monday I thought, “Now is when the real work begins.”

Yes, it’s out in the world, but now is when I need to put my head down and focus to actually make Mission48 happen. We have a long way to go financially, planning, and preparation wise before we even take off from Columbus, Ohio to Ann Arbor on September 1st of this year (84 days away, but who’s counting?).

Just like I tell all of my clients with a massive fitness goal: Break it down into bite-sized chunks.

Yes, I need to get 48 sponsors.
Yes, I need to solidify 48 venues.
Yes, I need to contact many, many podcasts and media outlets to even get the word of Mission48 out there.

That could overwhelm me (and sometimes it does). Or that’s an opportunity for me to practice what I preach (and I am).

So, Monday morning hit and I told myself I was going to do 5x5x5 every day.

Reach out to 5 new businesses/people that may be interested in sponsoring.
Reach out to new venues/running clubs in 5 states.
Reach out to 5 podcast hosts or media outlets. 

Bite-sized chunks.

Now I’m not saying because I did that, I have my entire Mission48 planned within one week (I laugh as I type that).

I am saying we are 1% closer than we were this time last week. 

I ended up getting my FIRST Mission48 State sponsor for Michigan, which we will release soon.
I solidified the venues for two states.
I partnered with two massive running clubs for the running events.

1% closer than where I was a week ago.

Do I still have a long way to go? Heck to the yes.

But, as I remember how far we have to go I remember I don’t get there by focusing on it. I get there by taking action every single day.

I’m going to receive a ton of no’s for hopefully some yes’.

So, to recap week one, I’d say we are getting there.

Now I get the opportunity to speak at a Female Leadership conference tomorrow morning in front of 50-100 female athletes all about stepping out of their comfort zone and building confidence. I’m so excited because I truly feel like I’m not just talking the talk, but walking the walk.

As I tell them that true growth lies outside of their comfort zone, I remind myself that what I’m doing right now physically (and behind the scenes) is wildly uncomfortable, but breeding so much growth.

Thanks for being on this journey. 
Always believe,
Kelsey Lensman

PS – we just released the Pre-Fitness Testing for Mission48 on my Youtube Channel this past Thursday. If you want to see where I was at fitness wise two months ago before I started training, click here.

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