Mission48 Prep – 2 Weeks Out Recap

Rehab, rehab, and more rehab.

That’s the summary of this week is keeping my body and mind in check. Last week I sprained my ankle, which normally wouldn’t phase me, but when the entire campaign you’ve planned for the last year depends on how your body functions.. you take it serious (haha).

So, I went to get acupuncture (check out to see this post) and it freaked me out a bit, along with going to see Denise.

After a few days it started to feel better and I was able to snatch for the first time again or squat without pain (WOOP WOOP). I can’t fully jump on it yet to do jump rope, but I know it’s coming.

This week’s theme is.. recovery. No messing around with injuries here.


AND we released the Mission48 Merch.. WOOP WOOP!

Always Believe,

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