Mission48 Prep – 10 Weeks Out Recap

The numbers may not look a whole lot different on paper yet, but this was a massive week for Mission48.

It was a massive week communicating with gym owners and potential sponsors to make this Mission48 actually happen, and it was also a massive week for me personally.

I feel like I’m back.

The Kelsey that looks at a challenging workout and gives it a wink. The Kelsey that shoots her shot over and over again while receiving many “no’s” in hopes of some “yes’.” The Kelsey that has a fire in her heart and is settling for nothing less.

Do I have a long way to go? 100%.

But, for the longest time, I felt like something was “off.” When I say longest time, I’m talking 3+ years.

The funny thing is I was “doing the right thing,” growing my business, and taking steps in the right direction. But, in what I thought I “should” do, I lost the fire inside of my own self.

With pursuing Mission48 it gave me a renewed sense of fire and passion again. Yes, it’s a massive goal, but it’s weeks like these where some pieces are starting to fall together that I think, “Wow, it actually is happening.”

You’ll see the numbers below, but what I do want to document is…

I had a huge call with the Spartan team to do a Spartan race during Mission48 and doing a collab with them. I logistically would have to make A LOT of changes for it to happen, but when opportunities come knocking at your door you…. figure it out.

I also had a call with a potential media/video director that may be able to pull off the Mission48 documentary and all of the content I’m looking to shoot for Mission48. It’s funny how it all works out because who I thought was potentially going to shoot couldn’t make it and gave me this guy’s number, who is an even better fit. Funniest part? He’s from 20 minutes outside of my hometown AND he shot a documentary-style video about a woman weightlifter that went viral and I saw it last year. Talk about “God’s got this” moments.

And finally, I made a massive step in my EmpowHER Fitness business by putting an application out there to bring in another coach onto our team. Big goals (like Mission48) make you take action in many areas, and I feel the growing pains, along with the growing pleasures starting to happen.

So, here we are week 3 with not many “metrics” changing, but a whole lot of movement in the right direction.

​​​​​​​Remember, in the compound effect. You may not see changes externally yet, but when you compound your efforts on one another, that’s when the big changes start to happen.

Always Believe,

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