Mission48 Prep – 9 Weeks Out Recap

A few weeks ago I had a few of my clients reach out and say, “Kels, we want to be a part of Mission48, how can we help?”

It made my day how excited they were about Mission48, but also got me thinking, “How in the heck do I hand some of this off?”

I know I need to get a ton more sponsors.
I know I need to solidify many, many more venues.

I know I need to get on a lot more podcasts/media outlets.

I know I need to finalize hundreds more details before we can event hit the road.

I know I can’t do this alone.

All these things I know, but turning the “what I know I need to do” to “how do I prepare someone to help” was the major question. I’m creating all of this from scratch (& with the Man Upstairs) so there’s no playbook in how to delegate or pull something like this together.

What I came up with (with the idea from one of my clients) was… Mission48 State Team.

I’d have a team of people that could give a few hours of their time and help me with solidifying the details in each specific state.

Each person would take 1 (or more states) and help me finalize the following for their state:


-Media Outlets/Podcasts

-Contact local community/clubs


Boom. The four main areas I need in every single state x 48 states.

I created an entire SOP process (45 pages.. yes, not exaggerating) so they had all the templates, resources, and information there. Then, I also created a Google Sheet to keep organized for everyone to track.

Let me have a proud moment real quick and say – I was dang proud of myself when I scrolled through everything again.

As I pulled it all together, I had an open, optional call on that Monday for anyone that was interested in being a part of the Mission48 team. I was hoping one person would at least show up so I wasn’t in the zoom room by myself!

Come to find out – 12 people said yes to helping and take a state for Mission48. I was floored.

As soon as I sent it to them, I saw them posting on their socials about the state they were in, they were sending me follow-up emails from contacts, and asking me amazing questions.

It was incredible.

They also even gave me the idea of having different sponsorship options available from $25 all the way up to our state and regional sponsors.

Week 4 was all about collaboration and setting the foundation to grow what Mission48 is.

For those who are following from afar, thank you.

For those that are in the deep end with me, thank you.

Now, let’s keep this Mission growing.

Always Believe,

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