Mission48 Prep – 8 Weeks Out Recap

No matter what goal you are going after, there’s going to be moments that you come up against, “The Edge.

It’s the specific place of where you are now and what is possible. 

It’s the moment where it’s not “Instagram pretty.” It’s grueling, it’s hard, and many times it’s where your limits are pushed.​​​​​​​

I first heard this concept through a dear friend, Jennifer Lawson, who works at Focus3. She did an entire presentation for our VIP Weekend with EmpowHER Fitness coaching team on the concept of The Edge

The Edge is a key decision in your personal and professional growth. 

The key word there is… decision. It’s a choice you make to push through towards what is possible or retreat to staying exactly where you are.

It’s where many people give up and go back to their old ways, but the few that push through tap into abilities they didn’t even know existed.

This week in training I was pushed to The Edge.

(real screenshot from this week of training)
The weights felt heavy. My body felt tired. And in this one specific workout I remember thinking in my head, “Just quit.”

Once I realized what my mind was doing I immediately remembered Jennifer’s talk on The Edge. 

There’s five decisions to push through The Edge.

Be relentless in focus and effort
Embrace productive discomfortUse mistakes as feedback
Defeat fear

This is where I push through The Edge. 

Did I finish the workout beautifully? No.

Did I finish every single rep? You’re dang right. 

In a world where so many people give up if they get a little resistance at The Edge…. be one of the few that persist through.

Next week’s video release will be an entire training week for Mission48. I’m so pumped to show you. 

Always Believe,

Always Believe,

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