Mission48 Prep – 6 Weeks Out Recap

As many of you know, the Mission48 idea originated from a documentary. 

It was two years ago and I was sitting on my couch scrolling through Netflix and saw a documentary pop up called, “Iron Cowboy: The Story of 50.50.50.” I clicked the “play” button, not knowing what the 50.50.50 even was. 

As I watched the documentary I found out it was about a guy named James Lawrence who did 50 Ironmans in 50 states in 50 days…. with 5 kids in an RV. WILD.

I couldn’t wrap my mind how someone could even complete 50 Ironmans (or even one), let alone 50 consecutively in 50 different states. 

Throughout the documentary, it highlighted his journey from day 1 to day 50. It included high moments like when he was riding back into his homestate of Utah with a crowd of hundreds welcoming him back and congratulating him, with also included really low moments like when he was mid-50.50.50 and he broke down on the side of the road because his body was tired, his mind was tired, and he questioned why he was doing this.

It inspired me in ways of what the human body was capable of when you put your mind to it and made me question, “What if I could do something like that?”

The 48 different competitions (marathon, powerlifting meet, crossfit event, etc.) initially popped into my head that same night, but I quickly shut it down because I thought, “How in the heck do you do something like that?”

Well, two years later, here we are…. doing something like that.

I had a massive dream of doing a documentary with Mission48
to document the story and journey of it, while hopefully inspiring others out there like me two years ago to go after their dreams.

How do you make a documentary?

I had no clue.

So, I just did what I knew to do and asked people around me. I asked if they knew of videographers that could travel with me and kept spreading the word. 

Last week, I mentioned it to a guy I see at the gym every morning and he said, “Kels, I literally work for one of the biggest video production companies in Columbus.” 

He mentioned it to his team to see if they’d be interested, but didn’t promise anything because he knew they do MASSIVE projects worth thousands and thousands of dollars.

I hopped on a call with their team and they asked me a ton of questions about who I was, my mission, my message, and aspects of my vision for the documentary. They said they weren’t sure they could be a fit yet, but they were intrigued by my message and mission and wanted me to come in and do a storyboard planning session with their team on the documentary.

BOOM. I was pumped. 

Fast forward to this past Wednesday and I was walking into Mills James, the video production company, to storyboard for the documentary.

We talked about the visions and goals of Mission48, what we wanted to capture and the whole nine yards. 

It was incredible. It was a “full circle” moment for me, from remembering me sitting there watching the documentary to now sitting with a video team planning a documentary.

I’m not quite sure where it will lead 100% yet and we still have a LONG way to go, but like I always say, “God’s got this.”

Click here to watch my Instagram clip from my visit there!

Here’s from the storyboard session!

Always Believe,

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