Mission48 Prep – 5 Weeks Out Recap

Oh my gosh we are about a month out.


That’s 31 days.

That’s 744 hours.

I don’t think it really hit me until I looked at the calendar and thought, “How in the heck are we going to get this done in 31 days?” We still have thousands of dollars we need to raise, an RV we need to wrap, sponsors to confirm, venues to follow-up with, and that’s all besides needing to get this body ready to compete.

I’m not going to lie, a bit of me went into overwhelm mode, but then after I got through the overwhelm I thought, “Okay, Kels, GAME TIME BABY!

Then I went into focus mode.

I constantly asked myself, “What is THE most important thing to do?” Yes, your to do list might be a very, very large, but what on that to-do list is actually going to move the needle forward the most?

And I think that’s an important topic I hope you all take from this entry today.

Yes, we are inundated with so many things we “need to do” for work, home, and everything else.

But, if everything is important, nothing is important (you’re not superwoman or superman.. even though I know we all try to be).

Read that once again to let that really sink in.

If everything is important, nothing is important.

So, here we are focusing on

Those two things are the MOST important right now.

I’m pumped, excited, curious, and all the emotions as we head into the last month.

Thanks for being with me along the ride.

PS – I SAW OUR RV FOR THE FIRST TIME! Check out my IG post for a tour!

Always Believe,

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