Mission48 Prep – 4 Weeks Out Recap

Blind Faith.

That’s the summary of week 9 of Mission48 prep.

I was walking out of church this morning and saw a friend/mentor that I worked closely with when I first started my business. She is a physical therapist and started her own practice, so I tried to soak up all the knowledge from her 5+ years ago clinically and business-wise as I began my own business.

Her husband, whom is a world-renowned powerlifter looked at me and said, “Kels, are you ready?!”

I said, “Honestly, I don’t know if I’ll ever feel “ready,” but I’m as ready as I’ll ever be right now.”

He laughed as I said that.

Then, I said, “The one thing that’s been really cool to see is how this whole Mission48 preparation has played such a big part in my faith journey too. It’s been about blind faith – taking the step forward without knowing how it’s all going to come together. Even to this day I have to keep taking steps forward without knowing the outcome or where it’s going to lead me, but believing that He has a plan, a purpose, and a direction for me and I have to rely on Him to help me put the pieces together instead of just me.”

I paused and took that in for a moment.

That IS one of the biggest takeaways for me in Mission48 right now.

I’m working my butt off (& so many of my family, friends & clients too) by calling gyms, thinking of outside of the box ideas to fundraise, putting myself out there in trying to create this dream, and doing it all… without knowing how it’s all going to play out.

Yes, I have a “plan,” but no matter how much you plan the goal, the vision, and the dream are so big that I, as one human, or even a team of humans can’t pull this all together.

We are going to NEED outside help that’s far greater than one or a few people.

This past week I saw a quote that sums it up…

Impossible is where God starts.

That hit DEEP. All of this can really seem “impossible” and for the lay person that doesn’t believe in something greater in them I imagine many of them wouldn’t even start because it seems impossible.

But with a God so much greater and powerful than any human could ever be…. that’s where my blind faith keeps taking one step forward.

Always Believe,

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