Mission48 Prep – 11 Weeks Out Recap

How am I actually going to pull this off?” kept running through my head as I laid in bed a few nights ago.

Yes, we launched Mission48.  Yes, I have a schedule.. but the behind the scenes work that needs to be done logistically and financially for it is no joke.

I’m usually good at breaking the big goal down into bite-sized chunks to take action on, but I’d be lying if I told you there weren’t some moments I still questioned how I’m actually going to make this happen and physically pull this off.

 But the thing is…

That happens when you have a massive goal.

It may be a fitness goal.

It may be a career goal.

Whatever goal it is.. there’s going to be moments of doubt.

& sometimes that doubt is going to lead to discouragement.

It’s what you do in that doubt or discouragement that is going to predict that outcome.

I wanted to… bury myself in bed and avoid any responsibilities like the plague.

Was that going to help? No.

Instead I said, “Okay.. makes sense why you’re having doubts.. you’re stepping into uncharted territory. But what’s going to move you in the right direction?”

Falling back on my systems.

Everyday I train, reach out to 5 companies to potentially sponsor, reach out to 5 venues, and reach out to 5 podcasts/media to spread the word.

So I did the first thing.. put on good ole ET The Hip Hop Preacher and trained.

Already felt better.

I share this to not get sympathy, but to say.. when you’re going after something big for you it’s normal to question or have doubt.


Learning to not operate by those emotions and instead operating by the systems you have in your life is huge.

So, that was a HUGE part of last week… it started with doubt, but ended with one more company saying YES to sponsoring Mission48! 🎉🎉

This week overall was a roller coaster of emotions, but every day we take one step closer to that Mission48 start date on September 1st and I’m determined to get there.

Always Believe,

Youtube: M48 Pre-Testing Week is OUT

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Other Media:

I was featured in a True Hollywood Article all about Mission48 and empowering women. Click here to read the article.


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