My Letter – Night Before the Mission48 Release

To be honest with you, I wasn’t quite sure this day would ever come.

730 days of doubt, fear, questioning, and hesitation was going on inside of my head before even having the courage to take the first step of bringing Mission48 to the world. I so deeply wanted to push this idea down and keep focused on what I was doing, but there was this deep stirring in my heart that led to me not being able to shake forgetting about this “idea.”

& now here we are, the night before the release of Mission48.

Mission48 is a national campaign where I will compete in 48 fitness competitions in 48 states in 48 days to inspire young girls and women to push their limits, step out of their comfort zone, and show themselves they are stronger than they could ever imagine. My goal in this campaign is not to have people watch me galavant around the country and compete in competitions for 48 days. My goal is to build a community of badass women all around the country of all ages, skill levels and types that all push their “hard” together and release the capability that’s inside every single one of them. If I can light that spark in one women or girl this mission is a win.

Throughout this we are raising money for ROX, a 501(c)3 that empowers young girls all around the country in their 20-week programs in schools to develop confident girls who control their experiences, relationships, decisions and futures. My goal is to fund 10,000 girls for these amazing programs all around the country. This hits so near and dear to my heart because I can only imagine how different my journey would have been about confidence if I would have had a program like theirs in middle school.

This is bigger than me. This is our mission.

If I’m being really honest with you a part of be is so freaking excited and another part of me is still questioning how we are going to pull this off.

But, I know God didn’t place this dream in my heart if it wasn’t up to Him to help fulfill it.

So, here I am on Wednesday May 31st at 7:07pm writing to you to say in less than 24 hours this idea comes to life.

My biggest fear is that I won’t be able to pull this off. My biggest strength is knowing I don’t have to since God’s doing things that I can’t even fathom right now. I just need to keep taking a single step.

If you’re ready to watch a journey unfold, subscribe to my Youtube channel where I will be posting weekly videos, as well as my Instagram.

Always believe,

Kelsey Lensman

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We are COMPLETE! Mission48 – our hybrid fitness journey across the United States. I’m competing in events of all fitness realms.

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